I haven’t always been a jewelry designer, but I’ve always been an artist: curious and creative. As a small child I was convinced that Smurf village existed somewhere beneath the pear tree in the front yard of my family’s NY home.

Often during the summer you could find me searching for Smurfs, chasing bugs and rescuing stray animals (wild and domesticated). I was famous for finding neighbors (not lost) dogs and insisting to my Mom that they needed to live with us.


There’s no rhyme or reason to the themes, I simply find concepts I like and run with them.

I like tassels, I like big bezel-set stones (they remind me of candy) and I’m totally into the colors of the sea, especially around Mediterranean islands!

Many of my pieces can also be created in Sterling Silver, just drop me a line via my Contact page if you’re interested. Enjoy!


Most pieces can also be made in Sterling Silver.

Check out the Chameleon, you can create different looks just by switching out the tassel charms!  So fun, and honestly, the idea came to me as I was rushing out the door and needed a necklace.  I had a length of chain handy and a tassel charm and voila!  The Chameleon was born!

The Mallorca is pretty cool too, rather intense to construct, but delicate and sturdy at the same time and FULL of gemstones (who doesn’t want MORE?)!

Thanks for checking them out, there are surely more to come so stay tuned.  Enjoy!


If you’re as concerned about what goes in and on your body as I am you’ll appreciate that all posts and ear wires are either 14kt Solid Gold or Sterling Silver.

I work with various materials, but for me, I prefer solid gold or silver directly in my ears.

Thanks for peeping the goods and be sure to drop in from time to time as I’ll be adding more and more to my collections! Enjoy!


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